In 2010, Mr. Miao Shiming founded and launched WABC Accessible Artwalk. Since its inception, WABC has helped more than 130 projects and is a global arts integration organization with a network of projects in over 10 countries and nearly one million supporters worldwide.

In 2016, WABC Shanghai Art Way Foundation was officially established in Shanghai as a private, non-public foundation dedicated to eliminating public discrimination against people with mental disabilities through art creation, social advocacy, and various integration activities in schools, as well as actively exploring the fields of native art research and international art integration exhibition cooperation projects. To enhance the self-worth of special people and create an understanding and inclusive social environment.


May every person live in a world full of beauty and love.


To promote breakthroughs in the acceptance of people with mental disabilities throughout society and to bring about real and lasting change in the social integration of people with mental disabilities.


To establish a social integration service ecosystem that combines professionalism, impact and groundedness.

Foundation IP

In 2021, the WABC cartoon IP image “Star with Wrong Socks” will be introduced to everyone. The main character is an anthropomorphic little star wearing wrong socks, representing children from the stars and everyone who is brave and different, in order to convey the concept of acceptance and tolerance of different cultures and people.

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